Why Highland Park Youth Camp?

When I was a camper, many, many years ago (like, the 90's), I tried very hard to convince my friends to come to Highland Park Youth Camp.  "Your camp doesn't even have a lake!  It's hardly a camp at all!"  Unfortunately, I was not very convincing. I just couldn't make friends understand that Highland Park had something very special to offer that you just can't find anywhere else.   But I apparently missed some big ones...

The Food

You think of camp food, you think of mystery meat, the Awful Waffle, and dozens of jokes about just how bad the food is.  You won't hear these jokes at Highland Park.  Our kitchen staff works hard, and actually cooks really good food.  So good, in fact, that they run out each night because everyone wants seconds.  The only thing you really have to worry about is making sure you don't wear white on Spaghetti night, because if you do, you will inevitably get spaghetti sauce on your perfectly clean white shirt.  Many of our meals are inspired by Pennsylvania Dutch style recipes, so we hear very few complaints!

Regular Access to Ice Cream

...Because what could be better?  Our snack stand is open at least twice a day, and Ice cream is kept very well stocked.  The Chocolate Peanut butter is unparalleled with it's giant chunks of peanut butter,, and the Moose Tracks will satisfy any chocoholic that tries it.  And it's only a dollar!  It's the perfect ending after each evening service.  It's a thing, you should definitely try it.

Latchhook Jesus

... told ya.  Latchhook Jesus.

... told ya.  Latchhook Jesus.

No joke, there is a Latchhook of Jesus hanging in the Tabernacle.  It's just one of the many unusual things that help to make Highland Park what it is.  Also, if you are around at about 7:00, you'll hear a bell ringing for a whole minute, and watch everyone in the whole camp stop and pray.  You'll see people walking through an arbor and suddenly stop talking,  You will see these little miniature houses all throughout the park which are referred to as the "cottages," also once mistaken by a member of a certain rock band as "huts."  These things have all been an part of Highland's culture as a community, and we welcome you to come and understand why we love them, and why they are so important to us!

Evening Worship

We have a guest evangelist every year.  I'll admit, I NEVER know what to expect each year from our evangelist, but I am very rarely disappointed.  Our services are extremely thought-provoking, and sometimes even life-changing experiences for many of our campers.  Maybe this will be the week that you invite Jesus Christ into your life.  Maybe this will be the week you rediscover Jesus as your Savior, or learn to forgive, understand why terrible things happen to you even though you know you have done everything right in your life, or even help to introduce Christ to someone else who is desperately seeking Him.  Whatever this week of camp may hold in store for you, you can count on enjoying a delicious ice cream cone with all of us afterwards! 

Registration Fee

The typical going rate for a week of camp is about $500 depending on what camp you attend.  If it's a two-week camp, that can get even more expensive.  A typical registration for one camper at Highland Park is only $160.  That's not counting the $80 discount you can get for inviting a friend.  

Why is the price so low?  Highland Park is purely non-profit, with a single purpose of bringing people closer to the Lord.  We aren't doing it for the money, which keeps the cost to you down.  $160 still too high?  You can pay $80 now, and pay the rest later.  We also have a limited number of scholarships available for campers with difficulty affording the registration fee.  These scholarships were donated by some very kind people from Highland Park who wanted to make a difference in a camper's life.  You can contact our Registrar for more information about the scholarships. 

What are you waiting for?

Come and join us for camp this summer!  Click here for registration options, or learn more about our Youth Camp.

-Jack Grimes