Thanks for an awesome week of camp

To all of our campers at Highland Park Youth Camp,

My apologies for sending this so late!  Just touching base with everyone that I can, and thanking you all for an awesome week at Highland Park Youth Camp!  Here are a few things that you may have missed over the past few weeks since camp ended:

  • Most counselors are always happy to accept a Facebook friend request from a camper, so don't be shy, but they usually won't send you a friend request.  It's nothing personal!  I'm pretty sure any counselors will accept one from any camper.
  • We usually hold our annual Mid-Year Banquet the Sunday before Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  Check out the website or our Facebook page for more information.
  • Highland Park 2015's Theme Song will be "Thrive" by Matthew West and Mark Hall (as performed by Casting Crowns).
  • Campmeeting and Youth Camp for Next Year will be July 26-Aug 2, 2015 (it's always the week that runs from July into August)
  • Registration for camp will open in January 2015.
  • We'll be sending you a periodic email to your address from time to time, just to keep you updated.  If you don't want to be on our email list anymore, just send an email to and i'll make sure to take you off.  Or let me know if you want to update it.
  • A higher resolution version of our Camp Photo is now available for download.  We even put up 3 of them, so you can choose which one you look best in, or the one you like the best.  The link can be found here:
    You will need a password to get in.  Just put in "livewithabandon" (without quotes) and you can download whichever photos you want.
  • Fill out a review on Google or Facebook!  A detailed review is always best, but just a star rating is better than nothing!  Those links: ;   and

So stay tuned for more, but stay in touch with each other throughout the year.  Help each other to stay strong in your walks with the Lord.  We hope you had a great week, and look forward to seeing you all back next year!  Good luck with the start of your school year!