Winter Update: News From the Park

Hey everyone,

Hoping you had a wonderful Fall, and your winter is going well.  On Sunday this past week we sat down to some legendary Kratz Lasagna at our annual Mid-Year Banquet.  We had some fun catching up with each other, and got to hear some exciting announcements for this year.

Meet our New Evangelist for 2015


We were introduced to our new evangelist for Highland Park, 2015, Colleen Batchelder.  From an early age, Colleen has had a passion for sharing her relationship with Jesus Christ with others.  She's received several degrees in biblical studies and ministry, but was very recently diagnosed with a life-changing condition placing her at risk for Aortic Aneurysms.  The average lifespan for people with this disease is approximately 45 years.  Colleen embraced this as a calling from God to spend the rest of her life ministering to others instead of studying, and sharing her passion with the rest of the world.  We are blessed to have her sharing her passion with us as Highland Park's first female evangelist, and are excited to welcome her into our Highland Park Family.

Registration Is Open, and we have yet another great deal

As if $160.00 wasn't a low enough price for a week of youth camp, we're offering an opportunity to cut that in half.  If you introduce a friend to Highland Park and they attend as a first-year camper, you will only be responsible for your $80.00 deposit.  Please keep in mind, your friend must not have been a camper prior to this year, and must be entering grades 7-12 or graduating in 2015 (Sorry, TJ, you can't use Elliot as your friend).

New registration forms are currently in the process of being printed, and will be mailed out soon, but you can download them here if you want to share Highland Park with a friend.  On-line registration and payment is also available through our website at

This is the year that you won't want to put this off until July.  We got really good at advertising last year, and are starting three months early!  Make your plans now to join us for camp!