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Highland Park is a purely non-profit organization, which relies solely on contributions throughout the year and during campmeeting from supporters.  Your donation allows us to provide camper scholarships, maintain our park throughout the year, and make our Campmeeting happen each year. 

Highland Park Camp Meeting Association General Fund

Many thanks to the congregation of Imago Dei, who gave our park benches a beautiful new coat of paint!

Many thanks to the congregation of Imago Dei, who gave our park benches a beautiful new coat of paint!

Highland Park has been in service since 1893!  While this fact has proven our resilience against time as a community, time has still taken its toll on the buildings and grounds through our grounds.  There is always a list of major projects to undertake just to keep everything running from one year to the next. 

Donate to Highland Park

Cottage Owners Association Concert Series

Our Cottage Owners are responsible for our robust series of concerts. Facilitating entertainment for the summer with no admission fees does cost them money, and they would appreciate some assistance in funding these concerts. Please consider sponsoring our Concert Series for the summer of 2019 as either a Sponsor or a Friend. Contributors’ names will be listed in the concert program, as donations are received. If a donation misses the cutoff date for a concert program, it will the be listed in the next program for all remaining concerts. This donation will be automatically designated to Highland Park Concerts Fund.

Donate to our Concert Series

Mattress fund

We would like to thank our Highland Park Ladies' Auxiliary for raising money for the new mattresses for use with our Youth Camp, and all of our donors for helping to contribute funds.  We have now purchased enough mattresses for all of our youth!  These new mattresses are very firm, comfortable, durable, and waterproof and are expected to withstand many years of use.  

Tabernacle Restoration Project

Our Tabernacle, our amphitheater, is over 100 years old, and the oldest structure built at Highland Park. It is heavily used throughout the warm months of the year, and often needs repairs.  Please help donate to our fund designated to maintaining and repairing the Tabernacle.

Donate to our Tabernacle Restoration Project Fund

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By simply specifying Highland Park Camp Meeting as your preferred Non-Profit Organization, Amazon will donate 0.5% of anything you spend through Amazon when you shop through  This may not seem like much, but it adds up throughout the year.  This does not add to the cost of anything you purchase.  See directions below for more information.

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